Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 People Of The Year: Part 5 - Hillary Clinton

2.  Hillary Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton did the impossible.

As one of most qualified Presidential candidate ever, she faced a ridiculous amount of sexual harassment and the most sexist, racist and xenophobic candidate in modern times. She never wavered from holding herself with an exemplary level of poise, professionalism and dignity.

The political story of the year is not how a privileged, unqualified, 'businessman,' fooled Americans into believing his lies. The political story of the year is how a woman, did the impossible, rose higher than any other in American history and inspired millions of Americans to believe once more in hope, optimism and themselves.

Her impact can be seen at Susan B. Anthony’s gravesite the day of the election, covered in “I voted” stickers. You can see her inspiration in the girls dressed up in pantsuits and the millions who continue to struggle with the trauma of her loss.

This was not a normal election and Secretary Clinton was no normal candidate. She challenged us to be the best part of ourselves while her candidate allowed his supporters to be the worst. His words were offensive and disgusting, and his sentiments were reflected on logos printed on shirts that were sold at rallies that are too obscene to restate here. Secretary Clinton displayed a higher level of virtue against a candidate who had none.

I was lukewarm about Secretary Clinton when she first entered the election. The decades of smearing about her character and accomplishments had affected my view of her as a politician. As time passed, the more she spoke and the more I was reminded of what she stood for, fought for and accomplished, I began to feel inspired.

This wasn’t just about the guy that she faced, but it was about who Secretary Clinton was and what she represented. Her story is the continuation of what makes America special. She is part of the counter-balance against those who would limit rights, which is the very thing that pushed our country to became a country with more freedom and liberty for all.

Respectful disagreement with Secretary Clinton’s political viewpoints is fine.  It is however irrefutable her importance to our country and the positive effect she has had country. If you do not, or cannot acknowledge this, I encourage you to examine why. Demonization, hate and sexism towards Secretary Clinton are more an expression of what’s inside of us, than her own actions.

Secretary Clinton, lost the election, but like comparing the battle to the war, this struggle isn’t over. Her most powerful effect on our country, will be seen years from now when women flood capital hill, when the rest of our country embraces a progressive movement and when all of us celebrate diversity over fear and inclusion over division.

This will be Secretary Clinton's legacy.

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