Friday, December 16, 2016

Year 7: Week 16 - Concert Talks

Concert Introduction

Good evening.  Thank you for being with us tonight.

A thought: this is the only time that this exact group of people will be in this auditorium together. This collection of people will be never together ever again.

I bring this up because I want us to take a moment to reflect how special it is that we are all here together, in this space for the purpose of bringing beauty into this world through music. The diversity in this room is inspiring and is something we sometimes take for granted. This night is expression of what is unique, beautiful and wonderful about our school.

The performances you see tonight are acts of courage (you think public speaking is scary? try public singing), acts of giving and acts of fellowship. Let’s honor that and make the people in this auditorium the most important thing in our life for the next hour. These things, your phones, let’s not let them get in the way of our experience together, so please silence them and maybe even put them in airplane mode.

I totally get taking a video of your child on stage. Capture the moment and then bring yourself back to all us so that we can make this night special, together.

You may regret being distracted by your phone and missing a once in a lifetime musical moment, but I promise you will not regret being present and supporting our young musicians with your attention, your love and your pride.

End Of Concert Goodbye

My son is three and we’ve had a couple after school events. These are hard to make happen. Picking up my kid, feeding them, getting to back to school later. This is not an easy task. I’ll be honest; my track record for being on time with these events at my son’s school isn’t fantastic.

I say this because I want to acknowledge that you being here, getting your kids here and fed and ready to perform tonight wasn’t easy. I’ve seen many of you do this many times and I’m in awe of you. Thank you for that effort.

I’m thanking you on behalf of your children. They may not thank you for helping get them ready for this concert tonight and being here to support them, but they do appreciate your effort and your presence. While the most important work we do is during our preparation, your attention and positivity as audience members adds layers of meaning to their work and validates our students’ efforts.

Another thing I’ve learned as a parent, the food is as much us, as it is for the kids. Children, let’s not swarm too quickly. Let your parents get in there too and grab some food.

Have a great night. Take care.

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