Monday, December 5, 2016

Parenthood: Week 181 - Gilmore Girl & Tea Time

Gilmore Girl

She just kept whining.

Diana took Buffy out for a good walk, we fed her dinner and still, she whined. Maybe it was the falling snow we wondered, but we knew it was something else: Ollie was over at grandma’s house.

Buffy is comfortable being alone in the house or with the whole family. However sometimes when unexpected combinations of people are in the house, she doesn’t always know what to do. This is especially true when Ollie is gone but Diana and me are home. I think she worries that if we are here, than who is with Ollie?

We tried giving her treats, snuggling with her and we even ended up giving her some table scraps, which we rarely do (though Ollie pretty regularly shares his dinner with her, which has required that everything Ollie is fed is safe for dogs). She got an extra walk and was let out in the back but nothing seemed to settle her down.

I had a crazy idea. The previous night we had been watching Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life mini-series and Buffy had relaxed on the couch next to us and became a throw-blanket of puppy relaxation. So I put Buffy on the couch, played the episode we had watched last night and within two minutes Buffy was splayed out on the couch, struggling to keep her eyes open.

Thank you Lorelei and your wanderlust (Buffy relaxed in the part when Lorelei tries to “Wild.”)

Tea Time

Ollie has always enjoyed teatime. He has two tea sets and even though we haven’t had a tea party lately, there was a solid month when his tea sets were his favorite toy. Beyond that time he would periodically pull out his tea set and carefully pour water into his cups and serve little plastic cakes.

Diana and I drink tea daily, so it’s not a surprise that he wants to emulate us. One of Ollie’s common requests is to drink “daddy tea,” and since I exclusively drink herbal, non-caffeinated teas, it’s not a big deal for me to share.

We were having a lazy weekend morning. Ollie got up and I made him breakfast and let Diana sleep in. After Ollie finished his French toast, he asked for some Ollie tea. I poured him some of my tea and put a little cold water in it to cool it down. Ollie climbed up into one of the dining room table chairs and proceeded to talk to me about what was on his mind.

I love talking to Ollie, but he’s not always interested in having a conversation when I am, which is okay, he’s still learning about how to talk to people. Something about the tea and the French toast in his tummy put Ollie in a conversational mood and he opened up to me about school, his friends he liked to play with and his world.

Teas is an important part of my culture.  Maybe there's something in his DNA from his ancestors that connects conversation with the act of drinking tea.  All I know for sure is that I'm always happy to share my tea with my boy.

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