Monday, July 24, 2017

Parenthood: Week 214 – The Need For Another Arm

We went over in this post how Ollie ended up walking around with a Thomas The Tank Engine toy and calling in The Magic School Bus. The story isn’t over.

A couple weeks ago, we visited some friends. They have two children, one a year younger than Ollie and one two years younger. They all got along really well and had a great time playing together. At some point, Ollie found a school bus toy, and he got really excited. As we were getting ready to leave, the older kid offered the school bus to Ollie. After double checking with her and triple checking with her parents, Ollie finally had a school bus toy.

Now Ollie started carrying around both Thomas and this school bus toy everywhere. He seemed to manage it pretty well, but he would sometime ask for help carrying stuff because his hands were full with his toys. He slept with both toys in his bed and played with them together.

A week later, Ollie came home with another school bus toy, grandma got for his during an outing. It was very nice of her to get him this toy, and Ollie was delighted to have another school bus.

Overjoyed, Ollie tried to pick up his two buses and Thomas. Somehow managing to cradle them all in his arms, Ollie explained, “Daddy, I need another arm.”

We thought that maybe Ollie would transfer his love of his Thomas toy to one of the buses, but instead, his little heart grew to love all of these toys equally. With some effort, he manages to carry them around with him all throughout the house. We limit him to only bringing one of these toys out of the house and while we let him play with them in the car, they don’t leave the car when we are out.

So that’s the deal with the two busses, and the little blue train our boy is determined to carry around with him. However, this fascination may have already changed.

Earlier today, we had some people doing some work in the house, so I showed him some footage of a Transformer changing from a car into a robot. Ollie was awestruck by this. When I explained to him that he had a transformer toy he got really excited.

About two years ago, I bought Ollie a little fire truck Transformer. This toy was designed for toddlers and could change from robot to car in one easy step. Ollie showed no interest in this toy for two years. And guess what he’s been obsessed with for the past four hours? Yup, the little fire truck. At least for the afternoon, he has completely dumped his two school buses and Thomas.

It’s been fun watching Ollie make-up adventures with these toys in his imagination. I don’t always understand what he is doing with his toys but it brings him joy. At first the intensity seemed like a bit much, but then I realized it’s not any different than how interested I get into a piece of art, it just looks different. No, I don’t sleep with my Hamilton soundtrack the way Ollie sleeps with this Thomas and bus toys. I can hold this fascination in my head, but Ollie isn’t there developmentally yet.  Holding these these toys in his arms as he sleeps bring him comfort, reminding him that something he cares about, something that gives him meaning is with him throughout the night.

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