Monday, April 12, 2010

The Job Interview

I thought the interview went well. We talked enthusiastically about my background, my intentions and who I was a teacher. I learned a lot about not only the positions but also the school. As I left the interview feeling proud of how I represented myself I hoped that I would be chosen for the second round of interviews.

It was exactly hope that made difficult when I found out later in the evening that “they are moving forward with other candidates.”

Hope is a tricky thing. If you don’t hope for something better you will attain anything in your life that is meaningful. However, if you hang on to hope, it sets you up for disappointment. Sometimes what you feel with hope unfulfilled is more than disappointing, sometimes it’s painful.

What do we do? Give up and be satisfied with out lives the way they are, never take a chance and never dream beyond our circumstance? Part of me admires people who can. That’s just not me.

Can you imagine working a job that doesn’t really challenge you, being in a marriage with a wife that doesn’t motivate you to be a better you, and living a life with friends who accept mediocrity in how you treat them? I can't.

Can you imagine not feeling that drive, that spark inside you that gives you the courage to face another day? You can’t.

It is exactly that spark that is my spirit. What feeds my spirit is looking for the sun beyond the clouds and even though sometimes the darkness in the sky seems impenetrable, We can’t stop searching.

Life is meaningless if you let that spirit die inside of you.

There are many different reasons that I can explain why I didn’t get to the second interview. Maybe I didn’t have the right experience, maybe the other candidates were simply a better fit or maybe my personality didn’t match the atmosphere of the school. I’ll never really know so I guess it’s best not to dwell on it.

As Joseph Campbell said, "The adventure you're ready for is the one you'll get." This job simply wasn't the right one for me. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to had this interview and it was a great experience regardless of the results.

So on to the my next adventure. I’m not sure what it’s going to look like, but I hope, no I know it will be a great one.


  1. Like in Frost's poem with the road not taken, people always assumed Hope, like that road not taken, was the one great thing Pandora bestowed upon mankind. Most often, Hope seems to be the most cruel thing given us. Damn the gods! (Time to send in Perseus on a Pegasus.)

  2. what a great attitude :) hope the next one fits better!