Friday, April 16, 2010

You Can’t Hurry Love by The Supremes

If you ask me for advice on how to maintain a healthy relationship with someone you love, I have a couple of words of advice. Now I don’t think my relationship with my wife, Diana is the greatest thing EVER, but I am proud of the our relationship and the role we have play in each other lives. My experiences with Diana give me some perspective on what works and what doesn’t and I’m happy to pass on my thoughts subject.

Now if you ask me what’s the best way to find that special someone, I got nothing for you. Diana and I met her freshmen year (my junior year) at Northwestern University at marching band camp. Now marching band rehearsed Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and most of the time we had football games on Saturdays. We were also in the Alice Millar Chapel Choir which rehearsed on Tuesday and Thursdays and performed every Sunday. So it wasn’t exactly a challenge for me to find time to get to know Diana. I literally saw her every single day.

Diana and I have absolutely no illusions about the sheer luck, happenstance, or fate if you will that brought us together. Most people are not as fortunate as Diana and I and “You Can’t Hurry Love” by Supremes gives the sage advice that I pass on to my friends whenever they ask me for help finding that special someone.

I love “You Can’t Hurry Love.” It’s hopeful, innocent and simply a joy. I get so happy listening and thinking about this song. On a musical level, I totally geek out more over Motown music than many other genres of music. Every time I listen to a song produced in the height of Motown I find something new to be amazed about. If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time you know how excited I get about music, but with Motown I just get me giddy with joy.

It opens with baseline and tambourine. Then the drums come in and when Diana Ross starts singing everything drops out except for a relaxed, and hip guitar line accompanied by the bass drum of the drum set playing the rhythm of the bass line. Building up the instruments you get interested, feel the grove and by dropping out instruments right when Diana enters, it draws you into her voice like she is whispering you a secret.

Then there’s the colors. Motown is all about using bright vibrant musical color combination. Diana’s voice in the chorus is doubled with muted trumpets that are slightly whiny and vibraphone, which gives a little pop the beginning of each note. This arrangement of sounds just adds a layer of light to the sound bringing out the melody in a subtle and beautiful way.

Diana isn’t the greatest singer of all time, but the Motown producers wrote songs that perfectly fit her voice. The way she accentuates the ending consonants of the words works even though outside of the context of this song sounds just weird. She singing about getting advice from her mom and her thin yet bright voice captures that youthful spirit that so many people connect with.

In there anything sweeter than when Diana sings “keeps on waiting, anticipating” and hesitates in the middle of the word “anticipating,” as we wait for the end of the word. It’s a small thing but it’s SO exciting. The creativity and expression, not only having great words but singing in a way that makes you understand the meaning even if you don’t know the language. It’s awesome.

When you’re down and about to give up on love, you can’t forget how great love can be and how wonderful the idea of love is. Hope begets hope. By thinking about how great love can be, it makes you want to believe that it exists even more.

You can’t make love happen, but that’s what makes it so great. Be patient it’ll come. Now when do find that person let me know. We’ll see what we can do to make that hope a reality.

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