Monday, April 19, 2010

Let It Be by The Beatles

“It will be all right, just let it be.”

These words told to Paul McCartney from his late mother in a dream inspired “Let It Be,” the title track from The Beatles final studio album.

In the ten short years that The Beatles were together they recorded songs that included every single pop genre of the time and predicted many to come in the future. From songs from musicals:

to hard rock:

The Beatles did it all. So it should come as no surprise that they would eventually do a gospel song. The Beatles had a lot to say about life but most of the time it was centered on around idealized teenage love. As the ban, matured deeper subjects broached like in “Hey Jude,” which was originally written in an attempt to reconcile Julian, John Lennon’s son when John and his first wife were getting a divorce.

“Let It Be” examines the way we live, the way we react and who we are. With a deliberate tempo and a simple but carefully crafted melody, McCartney sings a song of calm. He asks us not to ignore our problems but to take a moment and reflect. Sometimes we are so quick to want to fix something, to help the people around us sometimes we miss the truth, the reality that some problems don’t need to be fixed, sometimes our friends need to help themselves. Sometimes we need to let go..

Maybe this was a message from Paul to all the Beatles fans who would soon be dealing with the breakup of the most influential group in popular music or maybe this was a simple contemplation that helped McCartney deal with the inner turmoil in his own life.

Regardless “Let It Be” stands as a reminder sometimes the hardest thing to do in life is absolutely nothing. Often in life the most difficult situations that we face are completely out of our control. Whether it’s losing a job, breaking up with a boyfriend or dealing with the loss of a loved one there is some part of these situations, which are beyond our control.

While our head tells us that these changes are “for the best,” our heart yearns to change the situation, to take some action, to do something about it. And if we truly believe that things happen for a reason then all we need to do is to let it be.

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