Monday, April 26, 2010

Photograph by Ringo Starr

“Photographs are for people who can’t remember.”
- Ryan Bingham (played by George Clooney) from Up In The Air

Once upon a time I would agree with that statement, somewhere around early high school when I got tired of how my mom was constantly taking photos of our family. I hated stopping whatever we were doing every five seconds when we were on vacations to take a photo.

I eventually got over this but some of this attitude carried over to college. I have some photos mostly from formal dances when there was a professional photographer hired, but I didn’t really take any of my own.

I recently found a CD full of photos from my college years taken by one of my fraternity brothers and I kind of regret not taking more photos. Looking back I’m glad that he took a second out of the craziness to capture the moments. I am so grateful that my mom took the time to take so many photos growing up.

I love photographs and in the past couple years I’m amazed at the moments that my wife and I have captured. From our first apartment to our wedding, our family, vacations and our dog. I love having photos for us to look back and reminisce.

“Photograph” by Ringo Starr, the drummer from the Beatles, captures the power of a still image. Written with George Harrison, “Photograph” is one of the Ringo’s most endearing and memorable songs from his solo career.

“Photograph” is a break-up song in which Ringo sings to his ex how much he misses her and can’t get over living life without her. Even though the song has a sad undertone it has a warm and nostalgic glow to it.

The melodies' coutures capture the feeling of looking at a photo and smiling. The photographs makes Ringo feel sad because he is remembering the great memories. This bittersweet feeling is worth the loss as it truly is better to have love and lost than to have never loved at all.

In 2002, one of Ringo’s best friends and fellow Beatles, George Harrison died. On stage next to G Dhani, Geroge’s son and surrounded by George’s musical family Ringo performed “Photograph” for his friend.

Ringo Starr "Photograph"Concert for George
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As Ringo smiles throughout this song, it’s hard not to feel the sunlight shining through this song.

It’s in this performance that we realize that photographs aren’t for people who can’t remember but for people who want to remember. Yes, many things in our past are painful and we would rather forget these thing. However there are also joyously profound moments that sometimes leaves our minds and every once in a while a photograph brings those memories back.

Even though we often see photos of moments that we don’t remember they still give us a warm fuzzy feeling. Knowing that these moments happened brings up hope. If we had these great moments in the past, we're bound to have them in our future.

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