Friday, July 9, 2010

Buffy Shows Her Love

Buffy has always been ecstatic to see Diana when she gets home from work.

However, Buffy has never responded to me this way when I get home. Usually she’ll step out of her crate, stretch and yawn, realize that it’s me and go back to sleep.

At first when Buffy wouldn’t seem to care that I got home it kind of hurt my feelings but then I realized that my relationship with Buffy is different than Diana’s and Buffy expresses her feelings for me in different ways. Anyways I’m not a fan of Buffy licking my face.

It’s in the little things. Whenever I go to the bathroom and close the door, she is sitting right outside the door waiting for me. I don’t think it’s so much that Buffy has separation anxiety, it’s that she just wants to keep track of me.

 Once Buffy is done with her mid-morning, noon and mid-afternoon nap (she sleeps a lot) Buffy gets this “I want to play” look in her eyes. She follows me around with or without a toy and looks up to me with a look that I can only describe as a “puppy-crush.”

Then there’s bedtime. Usually I go to bed before Diana does. Buffy usually starts circling the bed wanting to come up. I scoop her up and put her on top of the covers and we fall asleep together.

When Diana gets into bed she takes Buffy off her bed and put her in her dog bed in our bedroom seeing how Buffy is usually curled up in the area that Diana sleeps in.

 Buffy and I have always taken naps together since she was a little puppy. She’s always been more comfortable napping with me than Diana. I guess our thing the same way that Diana gets greeted when she gets home.

Sleeping is a time when we are at our most venerable and sharing that with someone else is an expression of trust, comfort and love. Even though Buffy may not be deliberating trying to tell me how she fells about me when she falls asleep next to me, feeling her cuddle up and release the tension in her body speaks volumes to me.

We all express love in different ways. Sometimes we need to work to show our love in ways that other people can understand but at the same time we also need to make an effort to understand the way that people express their love naturally.

Buffy has shown me that love isn’t always licks on the face or the wag of a tail, but can simply be a look in an eye or a relaxed release of breath in the still of the night.

Did I mention that Buffy also loves grass?

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