Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why you should be proud to love Twilight: Eclipse

As I’ve been seeing people in the last couple days the normal “what have you been up to?” question has come up and I answer with one of the most significant events of last weekend: “I saw The Twilight Saga: Eclipse with my wife.”

I’ve been getting one of two responses, the standard “Twilight is crap and people who enjoy the books and the movies are idiots for liking them (even though I haven’t read the books or seen the movies myself)” or more interestingly a sheepish acknowledgment that they had seen the film and in general enjoyed the experience.  It’s this latter response that I want to address.

I’m not really going to get into too much what I thought about the film but in general I liked it. The overall Twilight storyline continues to maintain my interest. The back-stories of the vampires were great, I loved the guy who was a confederate soldier and Dakota Fanning as the Darth Vader vampire was really fun. While the dialogue was often sub-par, the portrayal of teenagers trying to figure out romance was pretty dead on. If you think that Bella isn’t a realistic character you haven’t spent a lot of time around teenagers.

Is this the best film of the year? Of course not, am I interested to see the next film? yeah, but strangely I find myself almost afraid to admit this to people I talk to, much like the people who are afraid to relate to me that they have seen the film too.

Whether or not we enjoy a piece of art doesn’t always have to do with objective analysis of the quality of a work.  The fact that our enjoyment of art isn’t something that is objective is one thing that makes the way we feel about art so meaningful and special.

For example, I really dislike the Black Eyed Peas song “I Gotta Feeling.”

This song is not very interesting to me, there’s little to no depth in it as a pop song and the really catchy hook in this song is used to death.   When I’m at a wedding and this song comes on and everyone gets up and dances and is loving the song, who is the one that is missing out? I am. I would be much happier if I liked this song.

My aversion of "I Gotta Feeling" is my loss.  In the same breath if you love something and someone else around you doesn’t it’s their loss. They are the one who is missing out and it doesn’t matter what they say at the end of their day, there life is less full of joy because there is one thing out there that they dislike.

Be proud of what you love and if someone decides to bash something you like just let them say their fill and move on with your life.  Don't try to fight them or convert them.  You can't reason with someone who is being unreasonable.  Remember people who respond to your excitement with negativity are simply jealous and bitter because they feel left out of all the fun that you are having.

Experience art that you love and love the art you experience.

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  1. i really liked the positivity and realism behind this blog. It's very true and I experience the same sheepishness when I tell people I actually read twilight and am reading the new moon. This series is definitely a love or hate thing. I've never seen people be so resentful over a movie before. Most of my male friends seem to take offense at the very subject of twilight. I see it as to each his own. If someone gets something out of it, why steal their joy? Life is meant to be enjoyed.