Monday, July 26, 2010

Stupid iphone Commercials!!!

I thought I was done with crying in front of the television.

It took time to accept the fact that a television commercial could make me tear up but I put a box of kleenix by the television and worked through it. Then I saw this commercial:

Really Apple?!?   I can't take it any more. It’s just a simple phone conversation. When she says “you know that things we’ve been working on a while,” we know something special is coming and we experience their emotion through the woman’s look as she speaks and she responds to the man’s reaction. As the commercial goes to the Apple logo we find out that they are going to be parents.

Making us feel the emotions before knowing the situations that is behind it draws us in to the world, and when we find out the news we rejoice as well and Kingsley starts to cry.

I love a good commercial and most of the time commercials that are really awesome more are humorous like the now classic Betty White Snickers commercial.

The focus on humor in commercials is so prevalent that I was caught off guard by Apple’s Facetime ad campaign.

Now most of the time I watch television shows played back on my DVR and I fast forward through the commercials. So it was only by chance that I heard the unmistakable voice of Louis Armstrong and watched one of the beautiful studies on the power of human interaction.

This commercials shows a variety on contexts which Facetime would be nice. The first uses the commercial shows aren’t extraordinary situations, a dad saying goodnight or two girls trying to chose what to wear.

Then we see a woman having a sonogram sharing that experience with the father who is in the military and we instantly feel the sacrifice this family making and how hard this must be for this couple to be apart. Their expressions as they are able to connect with each other are amazing.

If that doesn’t get to you, the next scene when they speak to each other in sign language will.  Near tears, they sign to each other, “I love you” and oh my god . . . I’m tearing up right now just thinking about the commercial.

If Apple keeps making these ads I'm going to be a mess every time I watch television.  These commercials are beautiful, touching and poignant contemplation on what it means to share life with the people you love.  This is the most noble goal of technology and I'm thankful to apple for reminding all of us how powerful a smile can be.

NO!! I just saw this new one:

. . . Diana, I'm out of kleenix. . .

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