Friday, August 27, 2010

Buffy, My "Original Sin"

[Buffy-B, Me-K]

K-Sigh, not right now Buffy I need to finish this work.


K-Really, I know you just want to play, but I got this meeting I need to prepare for.


K-Give me a second girly, hang on . . .

B-UM . . . SQUIRREL . . . ?

As Buffy looked at me with her squirrel toy hanging out of her mouth, I noticed all of the toys she had brought over to me. I still had a lot of work to do to prepare for a meeting the next morning but as I looked into her eyes, I put my papers down, sat down on the floor, exhaled and let the stress I carried slide off.

Reaching out to grab the toy she presented to me I noticed that the iTunes program my computer had randomly selected “Original Sin” by Elton John.  As I listened to the soft and loving contours of this song I decided that the work could wait and it was time to go for a walk with my puppy.

Buffy really is my “original sin.”

“Original Sin” is from Elton John’s comeback album “Songs From The West Coast” which featured the song “I Want Love” which I discussed in this earlier post. Continuing the theme of using other people to star in his videos, Elton John chose Mandy Moore as a Cinderella-like character in love with Elton John who is shunned by her mother and father (played by Elton John).

Bernie Taupin, John’s lyricist takes the idea of the “original sin” away from its Biblical roots and describes an irresistible relationship. Romantic clich├ęs, “I can’t eat, can’t sleep,” describe the feeling of longing for love but what got to me when I looked at Buffy was the chorus, “Tell me how, you know now, the ways and means of getting in underneath my skin.”

Buffy is not an aggressive dog. She has a quiet way about her and an earnestness that is heartwarming. I think this is why she’s gotten so many people who aren’t “dog people” to like her. It helps that she’s a cute-looking puppy but what makes her special is how much she simply wants to be with you.

Often when I’m trying to do work, she comes up to me with toys wanting to play. Sometimes I get a little annoyed but when I look at her, really look at her I’m reminded that all she wants to do in interact with me, to make a connection.

I know, Buffy is a dog and maybe she’s just being single-minded, selfish and just wants attention and wants to play. But maybe she’s just loves me just as much as I love her and she’s simply trying to take care of me the only way she knows how to.

I don’t know how Buffy got under my skin, but like most things in life, it's the mystery, the magic that makes a relationship, a look in an eye and a moment so special.

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