Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Strong Enough by Sheryl Crow

“Are you strong enough to be my man?

With one question, Sheryl Crow redefines what it truly means to be not only with a woman that you care about but for a woman that you love.  When men consider whether or not they should be in a relationship with a woman they more often questions their attraction to their partner, how they feel about them or whether or not that person is enriching their lives. While all of those things are important what Crow asking is completely different may be the most important questions of all?

Now it may not seem a flattering to propose that guys need to be “strong enough” to be with a woman. In this song, Crow displays a strong and independent spirit juxtaposed with a more desperate chorus “lie to me, I promise I’ll believe, but please don’t leave.” On surface, it seems that Crow is asking “are you strong enough to deal with my crazy mood swings?”

What Crow is actually expressing is the spectrum of our reactions to life and showing us what it truly means to be strong. Do you know how to react to a woman who is saying “you can’t change the way I am,” who later asks you to lie to her? Do you understand when not to take it personally or when the song is actually about you?

When you share a life with somebody you share in everything, the good and the bad. This means that your life has twice the triumphs but also twice the challenges. While the insecurities of your partner may not be ones that you have, it takes a remarkable amount of strength to empathize and be there with them in these moments.

My wife and I have been very blessed. We’ve been lucky enough to have not gone through any extraordinary challenges or tragedies in our time together. However there is a lot that life throws at us and it’s not always easy to keep plugging ahead. It seems that every time that I’m at a loss, Diana has the strength to encourage me to keep going and at times when Diana feels lost I’m there to show her the way. That doesn’t mean that I get to be less strong but rather that Diana’s spirit brings out the strength deep inside of me that sometimes gets lost in the turmoil of the storm.

Next time you are deciding whether to be with someone ask yourself if you are strong enough not only to deal with the challenges of your life but also the struggles of someone else’s. But don’t fear if you have doubt because sometimes it’s in the eyes of a woman that you love that you find that strength inside of you.

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