Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How To Suceed At A Job Interview! (even if you don't get the job)

Everyone has advice about job interviews. Even your grandmother who has never held a job in her entire life seems to have something to offer on this subject. The best in when people tell you contradictory advice: “make sure that you prepare ahead of time for any question they answer but you want to make sure that when you answer their questions you sound spontaneous.”


How spontaneous can you sound when you are reciting a memorized paragraph. Unless “acting” is part of the job description, being able to pretend that you are answering in a way that in not genuine doesn’t really seem like a great plan (I’m not saying don’t prepare questions, just don’t memorize speeches).

What do I got for you after going through about ten job interviews in my life?  Well, some advice, of course, where did you think this was going?

However this is different kind of job interview advice, this will help you get through the interview and accomplish the most important thing about the experience.  NO it’s not getting the job, but feeling after the interview that you have no regrets.  Isn’t the point of a job interview to get a job? No, the point of a job interview is to find the right job.

If you go into a job interview and answer all of the questions trying to please the interviewer pretending to be something you are not and you get the job, than you’ll probably have a miserable time at the job. The interviewer will expect you to be the person during that job interview that wasn’t really you and you might get fired because of this.

Instead, be yourself. Go into a job interview and lay it all out there: This is who I am, this is the way I feel about life, this is my experience and this is why I want this job. Once you get yourself out there, they can take it or leave it. If they see who you really are, and don’t want you, it’s better they find out now and not two months into a job,  If they like what they see, awesome.  What they see is you and being yourself on daily basis is no problem.

Remember, you are awesome.

Be proud of what you got, even if that means you have limited experience in a field. Never apologize for who you are and what you’ve done with your life. Don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know,” especially if you really don’t know what the interviewer is talking about. Take a second to think before you speak; there’s nothing wrong with a thoughtful silence.  And most of all, don’t answer with the question you think they want to hear, respond to the question with what you truly believe.

If you do these things, you will walk about from a job interview feeling proud and will have no regrets regardless of the outcome.  It’s a hard thing looking for a job, but have faith.  Things have a way of working out themselves out for the best as long as you true to yourself.

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