Friday, December 31, 2010

Being Lost In Love

The greatest part of sharing your life with someone you love is also one of the hardest parts.

Whenever Diana has any great accomplishments like this experience she had recently being a volunteer tutor, I get to experience it with her. Diana also gets to share in my successes hearing from me about lessons that have gone well with my students.

The incredible thing about sharing our lives with each other is that I get to feel the payoff of Diana’s hard work without doing the work myself. I feel a rush of positive emotions from living life well through Diana doing without contributing directly to that success.

The challenging thing about sharing our lives is when we share the challenging times. When Diana or I have a hard day, the other person experiences those emotions.  And just like with sharing the good things in life often neither of us has any influence of made that day difficult; we just deal with the consequences.

Now getting something good that you didn’t work for is a nice surprise, a great feeling. However dealing with something negative in life that you had no input in is frustrating. Here’s the thing, there are times when I will have a bad day that is completely out of my control but there are also times that the reason that I am full of frustrated is because of choices I made and Diana has to deal with it. It’s like being a passenger in a car with no input on what the driver is doing as he makes bad choices and gets lost, and all you can do is sit there are go along for the ride.

It's a given that if you really love someone it’s not only about sharing the good times but also the bad. However that's a lot a lot easier said then done when you realize that sharing life is about accepting the consequences of our loved ones choices.

Letting going, and being able to accept all that it means to share someone’s life is hard but it’s important. Love is a lot of things and one of the most important things about love is letting go and trusting others to make choices.

You may be in the car with your partner and they may make a wrong turn in the road while they are driving and you may know exactly the right way to go and sometimes you get lost with them.

You may end up stuck in a place and it’s not your fault at all. That is frustrating, this is what you get for letting go. In these moments don't forget, having a partner, not being alone on this journey in life is worth getting lost occasionally, because you really are never lost when you are with someone you love.

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