Monday, December 6, 2010

Somebody’s Crying by Chris Isaak

It’s always easier to talk about “somebody” than it is to talk about ourselves. We’ve all had moments when we tell a story about ourselves and use the ambiguous “somebody.”

“Somebody I know got a parking ticket in that same spot that you did.”
“Somebody I know once ate a whole package of Thin Mints in one sitting.”
“Somebody I know thought that Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus were two different people.”

One of the most often uses of the “somebody” is in love. It’s the whole “hey, I hear somebody’s into you.” Then you gauge their reaction and you can either continue talked about how it’s you or back up when the girl relates that she has a husband. This isn’t really a strategy I would endorse.  I believe that being up front is always the best policy but for adolescents this whole “somebody” tactic is a way to talk to people without exposing themselves up and being vulnerable.

Chris Isaak in his 1995, hit “Somebody’s Crying” takes this idea as a way of telling a girl how much she has hurt him.

He opens singing about how “somebody” has been hurt and is crying. He’s trying to express his pain but cannot and like someone unable to look another straight in their eyes the only way he can talk about himself in through “somebody.”

At the chorus, Isaak let’s loose and cannot keep this ruse up. He asks directly for her love back. However at the end of the chorus he regains his composure stating “somebody’s lying” remembering the wrong she has done.

Isaak balances the different layers of emotion within a break-up effortlessly as his Elvis Presley-like voice draws us in. I can’t really speak to the sensual nature of his voice that people often discuss (he doesn’t really do that for me). What I can comment on is the range he sings with from a whisper to a flying falsetto and a deeper tenor.

There’s a very deliberate switch between the colors of his voice that work together seamlessly. Isaak carefully colors the conflicting emotions with different tones of his voice to create something that is intimate and immediate.

Somebody I know has been at the crossroads after a break-up and know exactly what Chris Isaak is expressing.

Somebody I know wishes that he could sing like Chris Isaak and thinks that it would instantly make him more appealing to woman.

Somebody I know when he was a teenager wished he could recreate Isaak's "Wicked Games" music video with a supermodel but on further consideration would rather not.  I mean the sand would get everywhere and it was probably really could and I wouldn't . . . I mean that um. . . somebody I know really wouldn't enjoy.

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