Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Grow Old With Me by John Lennon

 Yoko included this song on her "John Lennon Playlist" recent issue of Rolling Stone
He [John Lennon] was saying it to me, but also to a whole generation: "Let's grow old together." After his passing, all I had was a cassette of it.  I had it in my handbag.  When i went to sleep, I had some bells on my door so if anyone came in, I'd hear it.  I didn't want people to take it from me. 

"Grow Old With Me" became an unfulfilled dream with the passing of John and through this hopeful song we feel Yoko's pain.  While we all have dreams for the future we never know what we have left so we can never take for granted the time we have in the present to share life with the ones we love.

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