Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bring It On by The Gaslight Anthem

I woke up this morning tired and exhausted from too few hours to sleep.  As I came to I noticed that my back and neck were tight for no logical reason.  It is exactly this moment that I hit every single day.  It's the decision to get out of bed and face the day.

Some days this decision is easier to make than others but some reason today was really hard.

What gets me out of bed is usually off aggressive self-talk.  I usually tell myself in not such a nice way to get out of bed and get going.  Instead of self-talk what mind played into my itself was "Bring It On."

I don't know why this song came up in my mind.  After listening through the album, American Slang, I had decided it was one of the more forgettable songs on the record.  Someone this song stuck with my in my self-concious and even though I didn't know this song meant something to me, this morning I found out it did.

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