Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Round 13: Aerosmith & Run-D.M.C. Vs. Aerosmith & . . .

In 1986 Run-D.M.C. with the help of producer Rick Rubin re-recorded "Walk This Way" with Aerosmith.  This song was originally released eleven years earlier off of Aerosmith's Toys in the Attic.  This duet with Run-D.M.C. revolutionized the music industry as the first mainstream melding of Rock and Rap music.  "Walk This Way" helped legitimize Rap as a musical genre and revitalized Aerosmith's career. 


Through the years Aerosmith has tried to recreate the magic of their re-imagining of this song with Run-D.M.C.  In 1989 Bon Jovi joined Aerosmith at a peformance in the UK.

Then in 1999 when Kid Rock joined Run-D.M.C. and Aeromsith at the 1999 MTV VMA's.

 . . .  then there was the Superbowl performance with Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake . . .

 . . . then there was Fergie. . .

And just last week . . . SIGH. . . Carrie Underwood joined Steven Tyler the lead singer of Aerosmith at the 2011Acadamy Of Country Music Awards Show (skip to 2:45).

The Winner:

Now I love "Walk This Way."  It's a great song.  The original version features one of my favorite guitar licks.  It's got rapid-fire suggestive lyrics that are clever and hilarious.  Run-D.M.C. really did bring  new life to this song but the following performances well. . . it's just not the same.  Frankly it's getting a little tiring.  I mean Carrie Underwood?  Really?!?  It's not that it was a bad performance but how many time can you bring this song out and expect it to be fresh and exciting.

While the audiences almost always erupts in enthusiasm every time Steven Tyler whips this song out with a new artist, I feel it's a unsuccessful attempt to capture the magic of the original duet with Run-D.M.C.

This is where it all started live in 1977.

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