Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Round 14: Elvis Presley Vs. Sam Kinison

Though "Are You Lonesome Tonight" was originally composed and recorder in 1926, it was Elvis' cover in 1960 that made it one of the most famous ballads in the history popular music.

This song features Elvis' incredible baritone and an intimate and touching spoken bridge. The message of bridge is that even though Elvis has been lied to he can't go on living without his love.


Comedian Sam Kinison performed "Are You Lonesome Tonight" on Johnny Carson show in the 1980s with a slightly different spoken bridge.

The Winner:

I don't know about you, but somehow Sam's version seems a little big more genuine than Elvis'. Yes, Elvis has that unearthly voice but Sam has that scream . . . and um. . . for some reason I can relate to Sam's anger better than Elvis simply resigning to his own feelings of loneliness.

. . . and even Elvis couldn't take this song seriously . . .

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