Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I’m Gonna Be (500 miles) by The Proclaimers

Would you walk 500 miles to be with someone that you love?

Okay, let’s break this down. 500 miles is roughly the distance from Chicago, Illinois to Willmar, Minnesota. According to google maps it would take 165 hours to walk that distance. So let’s say seven miles of walking a day, and we have 23 days of walking. That’s like three weeks of doing nothing but walking!?!

I would totally walk for three weeks to fall down at my wife’s door, but I’m not sure I would walk 500 more. That’s like 6 weeks of walking. I’ve never done anything consistently in my life for six hours, so forget six weeks.

People making totally unrealistic statements of what they will do for someone they are in love with is something that makes absolutely no sense until you’ve been in love with someone.  It’s not like people who are in love have reached some higher plain of understanding, it’s quite the opposite. Somewhere between love-drunk and over-romanticized ideas of love there’s a level of passion that pushes logic aside and convince people like Romeo and Juliet that getting married in hiding and faking death will end well.

As being “in love” simmers into “loving” someone, logic enters back into the picture and people are able to make educated decisions about their future, hence why you should wait a reasonable amount of time before getting married.

Here’s the thing, as weird and crazy as that "in-love" stage is, it’s kind of fun which is why songs like “I’m Gonna Be,” stick with us. We want to go back to that crazy feeling and remember what it feels like to think that we would do anything for our love.

Something about this song has simmered in our pop culture like in this appearance from Family Guy:

To one of my favorite episodes, "Arrivederci, Fiero," from How I Met Your Mother, which prominently featured this song.

Even though the delivery of this song is a little forceful, it’s really catchy and it’s hard to believe that it was originally released so long ago in 1988.

What really works about this song is not so much the chorus that stretches logic but confidence in the verse of how he will be with her. This isn’t a question or something to ponder about. He will be next to her through the good and the bad. That’s not unrealistic and the craziness of walking for three weeks makes it even more powerful.

If you've been in love and understand this song then have fun with it.  If you haven't had that moment when all logic escapes your mind in the eyes of another, then come back to this song when that moments hits and you'll be singing along with this song.

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