Monday, August 13, 2012

Top 5 London Olympic Moments

The 30th Olympiad is over and it was really a fun ride. I watched more of this Olympics than any other games and overall I really enjoyed the experience.

So here are my top 5 favorite moments from the games.

5. McKayla Maroney is not impressed

As the memes exploded over the internet with Maroney’s indignant expression, I couldn’t help wonder what McKayla thought of this herself. As a competitor and an Olympic gold medalist she brought a high level of dignity and poise to what she did, which is why every website and new source seemed to get so much glee from this website.

Then McKayla showed her good humor poking fun at herself proving that even the most serious gymnanst  have fun.

4. Women’s Soccer On The Podium

As I watched American atheltes on the podium who won the gold medal I noticed very different reactions to the playing of the National Anthem. The male swimmers stood there looking serious without singing and the female gymnast sang along respectfully. Then I watched the women’s soccer team. The entire team sang along proudly and without hesitation to the National Anthem.

The “Star-Spangled Banner” is a song of pride and celebration and the women’s soccer team truly honored America reflecting on their love of country singing with pride and joy.

3. Freddie Mercury

Watching Freddie Mercury come back to life doing a call and response during the closing ceremony almost brought tears to my eyes. This was taken from a 1986 concert at Wembley Stadium.

Featuring him on enormous screens calling out to the world was a powerful reminder of how far we’ve come and how far we have to go. The fact that he was homosexual and died of AIDs doesn’t matter to so much of the world that love him for everything he was and all that he gave to us. Unfortunately many people in the world still believe stereotypes about homosexuals and get in the way of them having equal rights. London showed the world during the closing ceremony that those people will are wrong through Freddie’s voice and everlasting spirit.

2. American Beating Brazil

There were two stories in American Women’s beach volleyball: Misty and Kerry’s triumph at their last Olympics and Jennifer and April shocking Brazil. Jennifer and April beat top-seeded Brazil in an intense three set match.

What I’ll never forget is how Jennifer and April supported each after every point even the ones they lost.  Watching them play in the pouring rain, you truly felt that while they were fighting to win the game, they were partners and they were not going to give up on this game, but more importantly each other.

1. Gabby Falling Off The Beam

I understand why women gymnasts sometimes cry. They are under incredible pressure performing in front of millions of people and many of them are teenagers. After thrilling the world winning a team gold and an individual all-around gold, Gabby competed for the individual event medal on the balance beam.

During her routine she fell off the beam.  She fought to stay on but she just couldn’t do it and because of this error she finished in second to last place.

But she didn’t cry.

It would have been perfectly understandable if she broke down but instead Gabby was poised and kept it together. In an interview afterwards, she acknowledged that she was drained mentally but wasn’t too hard on herself. It wasn’t a pity party and it wasn’t a tragedy.  You could her in her words a level of perspective and maturity.Some  may think that this was because she had already won two gold medals but I believe that even if she hadn’t she would have carried herself with that level of dignity because Gabby is truly the best kind of Olympian.

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