Friday, August 17, 2012

Student Teaching Part VII - The Writing On The Board

This is the seventh entry of my student teaching journals (Part IPart II, Part III, Part IV, Part V & Part VI).

The kids will surprise you some days. Megan came into Mr. S's office and said hi to both of us. And that was really nice for me. It was like she acknowledged that things were ok between us. And for her age and her maturity, I guess that's her saying that she's sorry and that she's not holding what I did against me, which as nice. It's amazing how little things like that can make your day.

So things are totally cool with Megan. I think in some ways she respects me more and I don't know how she got over what I did, but I guess the thing that bugs me the most is the fact that as a teacher you love and care about all your students. And you like them too and it's tough to be teaching students who don't care about or like you. I don't know how teachers can do this and teach kids and stick with them even though some students may not like them. it really is an amazing thing to think about.

So Abby, the girl I helped yesterday on the trombone came in and did a mediocre audition. She dropped chairs in the concert band even though she was trying for the symphonic band. Before posting the audition results Mr. S called her in to explain things to her and why she was placed lower. She was pissed and left his office. Later, we noticed someone had written “Mr. S is an Ass” on the white board. There was one other girl who could have done it and she received good news that evening.

It’s amazing. You put all this work and time into these kids. And all the auditions really do take a lot of time and Mr. S does this willingly even though he does not have to. You give up all of this and you are working making personal connections with all of these students. It’s an emotional investment along with the time.

The job is great because you are making real connections and effect kids, the downside is that because you care about each kid it’s harder to leave things like your student calling you an ass at work. He was visibly pissed, like so pissed he was quiet. That’s really tough.

With the symphonic band Mr. S discussed the writing on the board from Friday. He was very honest in telling how it hurt him and how it made him frustrated. He told them how much he cared about the class and explained that he is not a warm-fuzzy kind of guy but that he did care.

Music is about emotions and sharing in experiences and if you can't share a part of that with your students, it's just not honest. It never hurts to tell kids you care about them. I think if anything the kids appreciated his honesty. I was very impressed that he would open up like that. There's not always the opportunity to do that but if you open up to the kids and be open, they'll love you for it. It's all about honesty, and really having a reason behind everything you do. Mr. S is trying to change their lives for the better. That's an amazing thing to do and a heck of a goal, and it's a beautiful thing to witness.

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