Friday, August 31, 2012

Student Teaching Part IX: The Space In My Heart

This is the final part of my student teaching journals, click here for previous entries. 

The concert day: insanity. The first collage concert went well. There was a run-through. And then we did it. It was rushed and the percussion did not do as well as I thought they were could . The concert band did well and it was really fun to do "Sleigh Ride" with the full band. Mr. S told the parents to come thank me and tons of them did. One parent got me cookies and well, it was really nice having parents come up to me and thank me for everything I had done. Most of the parents comments focused on how the kids liked me and thought I was cool, which isn’t exactly education at its best but it is a good sign. I mean at this age, any positive discussion between parents and kids helps and at least I did that.

Mr. S had an issue with Katie the night before at the rehearsal and she told me to promise that I would never yell at a kid irrationally. Which is something that I really couldn’t promise. I kind of played the sarcasm game too much with her and apologized. I’m glad I’ve built up a relationship with Katie and that she feels comfortable talking to me.

During set-up yesterday Laurie told me I was the only student teacher she was had that she feels comfortable being alone with. That was really nice though it did creep me out about the status of her other student teachers.

I'm going to miss that girl.

During a break before the basketball game I had a long talk with Megan. It was a really good one on one. She told me that she wanted to be an actor. This is something she has never told anyone before. We talked about her family and her life. She told me how her dad was involved in a Terry Shivo like case and what that meant to her with her dad being unemployed. She is a 2nd generation immigrant like myself. Times like that, just talking for like 45 minutes really make all of the crap worth it. I will miss that.

Today was Mr. S’s last day with me. He is going to the Midwest Convention after today and I am left with the band. He had some great parting words for me. He told me to make sure that I get a mentor on my first job and that he will be looking out for me for jobs. It’s amazing that he believes in me. He was very complimentary of me and in the last couple weeks he has been more and more appreciative on my help. I got him some CD’s as a thank you gift. The next couple days will be a lot of work but I’m looking forward to it.

Mr. S really does believe in me more then I believe in myself. It’s amazing that it has almost been 5 months. Things really do fly by. I spent so much time with Mr. S and now it just seems like it’s over and well, it’s sad but I’m just so thankful for the time I’ve had. This has been a great partnership and mentor situation with Mr. S and I wish I could stay for the whole year but I’m also glad I’m moving on. I am so lucky for all that I’ve had and Mr. S has been a great person to work with. He is so critical of other people, the fact that he believes in my abilities meant a lot.

I was the first student teacher in 3 years to make a real connection with the students. He feels that this is important. He says I’m a smart guy with people and can keep things together. Everything has turned out great and I’m looking forward to the next couple days so much.

I had one more talk with Katie. It’s interesting and challenging talking to her. I hope that she feels better about things at least. She’s a great kid. Mr. S might be a little hard on her but it’s tough for me to say but anyways, I’m going to miss her.

My final words:
Thank you so much for being so honest and open and patient with me. You more then anything else made this experience for the past five months, one of the most meaningful of my life. You’ve not only helped me and made an incredible change in my life but you have also effected future students of mine.

A lot of you have asked me if I will come back and visit. And I don’t know right now. I mean I will have a whole new group of students next quarter and my life, well, I’m not so sure about where things will go. I would love to be there and share in your accomplishments and help you in your struggles but I can’t. But one thing I will tell you is that no matter what,, when you have a great meaningful experience with someone , it creates a space in your heart and you can visit it and can’t help but smile and you have that in my heart.

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