Monday, May 5, 2014

Parenthood: Week 49 – The Wedding: Part 2 --> Beyond Bed Time

Sleep is one of our priorities as parents for Ollie, for us and especially for Buffy. Our family is much happier and more functional when we are all well rested. We continued to make this a priority in our recent wedding trip to Dallas.
The first thing we did when we got to the hotel was get Ollie to bed. It was about and hour and a half past his bedtime but we knew this was going to happen. There’s this idea that the later you put a baby to bed, the later he will sleep in. That is definitely NOT the case with Ollie.

The next day we prioritized Ollie getting naps during the day because we knew it would be another late night as we were going to the rehearsal dinner. Yes, we wanted to explore the city and hang out with my family, but we decided to make sure sleep happened so the time Ollie was awake, he’d be in a better mood.

We took turns hanging out in the hotel room while Ollie napped. You can’t leave a baby in a hotel room alone while they nap so me, Diana and my mom took turns. With iPhones it wasn’t so bad and after a certain amount of time in a dark hotel room, I decided to take a nap as well.

With two good naps, we were ready to get Ollie going for the rehearsal dinner. Now we are used to dinner at 5 and Ollie’s bedtime around 7. When we got the rehearsal dinner, while it didn’t feel like dinnertime to us, Ollie let us know it was 5.

While cocktails were being served we fed Ollie and when dinner was actually served around Ollie’s bedtime, Diana and I took turns carrying him around. At times he seemed exhausted and other times he seemed fine. Then we started trying to make a decision when to leave the dinner.

It’s a tough call to make. We know that at some point he may melt down and every minute longer we kept him up may negatively affect his sleep even more. We decided to leave right after the main course, and we headed back to our hotel.

The day of the wedding was a similar situation with naps during the day taking precedent and dealing with keeping Ollie up late.

Taking a trip is completely different with a baby. It’s tough to be at a wedding weekend and not be able to commit your focus solely on the events. Yes, we had a lot of help from my parents and my brother and my sister-in-law, but Ollie was always on our minds.

That’s life now. There’s always going to be Ollie on my mind. Each experience that we do with Ollie for the first time reminds us how different life is now that Ollie is with us. Different sometimes means more challenging but that doesn’t mean its worse.

We may not have made it to dessert, but the parts we did make, we did with our little boy.

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