Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dear Ollie - A Father's Promise

Dear Ollie,

Right now you are five days old and are sleeping cradled in your mother’s arms. It seems like just yesterday your mom and I were referring to you as our little poppy seed because of how small you were early in your life and now you are something so much more: our son.

There’s so much that I want to tell you about the first five days of your life, but I don’t really know where to start. All the events that have led up to you being in your mom’s arms right now are important because of what they meant to your mother and I. At the same time, those stories don’t seem as relevant right now because what truly matters is that you are safe, healthy and with your family.

So right now I’m going to tell you a couple things that I’ve been thinking about when I’ve been holding you.

Like any other father I have my hopes for you. I want you to be happy and healthy, but I also know that there will be times when you will be sad and very sick. I want you to find meaning in the bonds of friendship and love and also in the ends of relationships and the heat of anger. I want you to know yourself, and define your life not through comparisons with others, but by how true you are to yourself.

More than anything else, I want you to find meaning in sharing life with the ones that you love.

In the past five days you have changed the life of the people that have met you and even touched the lives of those who only know you through pictures and videos. You have brought light, joy and happiness into the world. In this way you will always be in our hearts. This will happen throughout your life as long as you let the spirit inside of you shine on the people you encounter in your life.

Your mother and I promise you that every single day we will tell you that we love you and that you are beautiful because of who you are on the inside. If there’s ever a day when we can’t say this to you in person we will think it as we close our eyes and go to sleep at night. Some day far from now when we have left this world, you will hear our voices inside of you fulfilling this promise and in this way, we will always be a part of you.

The future is like the darkness. It’s hard to know what’s beyond the light. Sometimes that makes us afraid. But every time I have stepped into that darkness, it has only brought more light into my life. In this way, the future is not something to fear, rather something to be excited about: an adventure.

Let's go on that adventure and don't worry,

 I'll be there with you every step of the way.


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