Friday, May 31, 2013

Parenthood: Week 1 – Three Moments

Here’s three of my favorite moments from the first week of Ollie’s life.

1. Some Light Reading - I’m so excited to share the world of books with Ollie. For the past couple days I’ve been reading books to him and its been a lot of fun. Also we got this great Art For Babies book  as well as this Lamaze High-Contrast Crib Gallery  for him. Now when he is laying in his crib as he falls asleep he can do a little bed time reading (don’t worry we’re not leaving this stuff in his crib overnight). Newborns can only really track black and white contrasts so these are perfect for him. It’s never too early to get the love of reading started in your children.

2. Bath time – Along with feeding your child and keeping him or her warm, keeping your kid clean is one of those innate parental instincts. It’s not like I’m a germaphobe, but it’s important to me that Ollie is clean. So when Diana and I gave him his first bath, it was a really cute family moment. For most of it, Ollie was not happy with us but then as Diana gently washed his hair he closed his eyes and calmed down. Diana wrapped him in a dry towel when we were done and I left to get his baby comb.  Immediately,  Diana called me back over. Ollie had just pooed all over the towels and himself.

Awesome, right after we had just got him cleaned up.

Also, we ended up using two washcloths and three full sized bath towels to do his bath.

How did that work out?

3. Saying Goodnight – Every night before I go to bed I crawl on the floor wherever Buffy has settled down for the night, kiss her on the forehead and tell her that I love her and pet her gently. Then I say goodnight to Diana and say I love you and we drift off to sleep.

Now there’s one more person for me to say goodnight to. It’s not like where the Walton’s or anything, but this adjustment is one of my favorite parts of having Ollie in our family.

Saying goodnight to Ollie has reminded me to not take this ritual for granted.  The last words we say to the ones we love before we go to sleep are thoughts that we hope comfort them through the night and stay with them for the rest of their lives.

It's been an amazing week and I can't wait to see what adventures we have in store with Ollie next week.

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