Friday, January 1, 2010

Buffy vs. Snow

The first time it snowed, Buffy was mystified. Giving into her chase instinct she watched carefully as the snow fell to the ground and pounced on the snow flake as soon as it hit the ground. Unfortunately, the snow didn’t stick that afternoon and Buffy was left confused wondering where the snow flake went.

The next time it snowed it came overnight leaving a blanket of white. That morning when I took her out in the four inches of snow, Buffy was pretty confused. First thing in the morning she goes outside and goes #1 and #2 in specific spots outside our condo. Yeah, that didn’t happen so much. This doubled the time it took for our morning walk as she tried to figure out where her spot went. Eventually she gave up and just went in a new place. Works for me, just as long as she’s not going inside.

Over the past couple weeks it has become clear that Buffy loves the snow and the cold doesn’t phase her at all. There was a couple days when it was below 10 degree Fahrenheit (yes, during those days it was colder in Chicago then in Russia and at the North Pole). She was not a fan, but as long as it’s about 30 degrees and above she’s not phased at all.

In a patch of fresh powder Buffy hops around enthusiastically. She walks around like a hound dog with her nose to the ground often burrowing her entire head into to a snow bank.

I don’t know what she’s looking for or why she’s like doing it so much. All I know is that hilarious because every so often after she does this, she starts pawing at her face because she doesn’t like how the snow won’t get off her face. Buffy, that’s what happens when you STICK YOUR WHOLE FACE INTO THE SNOW!! . . . sigh

No, we don’t put a jacket on Buffy. Though she does have a sweater. . . She really loves it, can't you tell?

Buffy has plenty of fur. While her weight gain has hit a plateau out at 11 pounds, her coat has continued to come in. She know has a proud mane and has a REALLY poofy butt. Buffy’s hair has an amazing way of keeping moisture and the snow on the tips of her fur. Even after being outside for half an hour if you reach deep into her coat it is nice and warm.

This is what Buffy looks like with her mane brushed out.

Yes this does add hand-warmer to the many things that Buffy can substitute as. In addition to being a “hand warmer” Buffy can also act as throw rug, lap warmer and slipper retriever (more like slipper thief and hide them around the condo, but hey she’s trying).

We did buy booties for Buffy. We’re a little concerned with all of the salt on the side-walks irritating her paws. She absolutely hates wearing them but hey it’s for her own good. For now we’re just making sure to wipe off her paws whenever she comes in from a walk. It helps her stays clean and is cutting down the cute but annoying doggy footprints that Buffy leaves behind when she comes in from the snow.

I’m glad that Buffy enjoys snow and isn’t bothered by winter because we have a lot more winter coming up. As much as I hate winter in Chicago, seeing Buffy’s pure joy and enthusiasm chasing snow flakes and jumping throw snow drifts which are almost as tall as her is making the winter that much more tolerable and a lot more entertaining.

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