Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You’re Still The One by Shania Twain

Taylor Swift was not the first lady in country music I fell in love with. First there was Wynonna Judd. KIDDING!! Could you imagine?!?

I’m talking about Shania Twain.

And no it’s not because she’s hot. Kind of. Ok, when Come On Over came out, her break-out crossover album, I was just like any other high school boy and I totally got that “feeling” whenever I saw things like the opening of the “You’re Still The One” video as she slowly pulls a dress up her bare back.

Even at my hormonal teenage peak, I still recognized that there was something different about her. It wasn’t so much a sensual thing that made her hot, it was her beauty. She exuded grace, charm, and classiness while Britney was playing up the dirty schoolgirl angle.

Now once Shania drew me in and I bought her album and I realized that hey, this lady had an amazing voice. And now that I’m older, I realize how beautifully life-affirming is the music of Shania Twain.

“You’re Still The One” is about the true wonder of love. The love story doesn’t end with falling in love with Prince Charming. That’s only the beginning. The real story, the real struggle that is worth celebrating is being with someone for an extended period and reflecting on the fact that they are “still the one.”

From the opening of the song there’s a laid back feeling of peace and reassurance like the warmth of a morning sun. Mutt Lange, Shania’s producer, who gained fame in the 1980s for producing AC/DC and Def Leppard, beautifully mixes rock music with country sensibility. The instruments may be rock the energy the feel the attitude is most definitely country.

Shania has an effortless quality to her voice. She shades the words with slight scoops and nasal colors that reflect her country roots. The aching in her voice is not so much sensual but passionate. Like her image, Shania’s voice is full of dignity, strength and beauty.

Probably the best display of her voice was when she recorded a track for Elton John’s failed Broadway musical Aida.

There’s some Patsy Cline in her voice, a little Aretha Franklin, and heck even a little Elvis in here voice. All these things combine in Shania with a style that transcends genres.

Few songs focus on affirming relationships like “You’re Still The One.” Most songs are about looking for love or describing love. “You’re Still The One” is something different all together. It’s about reflecting back on a life lived together, a relationship that has grown.

Shania’s star has faded. But I maintain that her stamp on country music and popular music is one of the most significant of her time. Without her we wouldn’t have Taylor Swift (which is a BIG deal people).

I will always love Shania Twain for reminding the world how much more beautiful staying in love is than falling in love. As much as we dream of finding true love, isn’t this idea of having a long lasting love really what we are going for? With this sentiment Shania sings lovingly about a powerful part of our dreams.

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