Friday, August 5, 2011

Buffy Gets Attacked Part 4 - The Damage

Below is part four of a six part series about a recent incident when Buffy was attacked by another dog. Buffy fortunately got through this experience without any permanent physical or mental damage. Click here for part 1, part 2 and part 3.

Buffy has a lot of hair. Even with her summer shed, she still had a lot of hair. So when we looked her over right after the attack and felt to see if there was any bite marks we didn’t find anything. Buffy didn’t squirm when we touched her all over her body and she was walking just fine.

The next day Diana picked up Buffy and started her regular brushing and noticed that Buffy didn’t want to be brushed on her right side. This was a little odd because Buffy is usually more than compliant during her brushing sessions. I think she’s just given up the fight and has realizes that the less she struggles the faster it’ll be over.

As Diana started brushing Buffy through she called me over. There was a bite mark above her back leg. It was about an inch long and had not broken the skin but it was red and a little swollen.

Diana continued to brush Buffy and found another similar bite mark by her shoulder and while my heart sank, Diana revealed one more injury: a scabbed-over puncture wound.

By this point the feeling of relief I had the day before that Buffy was fine diminished and I again felt a deep level of sympathy for Buffy.

Diana carefully cut around the wounds and we cleaned these areas with warm water. She did fine with this but when the cotton pad with rubbing alcohol touched her puncture wound Buffy let out the pathetic whimper.

None of the wounds seemed infected so we put some Neosporin on them and waited until the next morning to see the veterinarian.

Once upon a time, before Buffy got spayed, she actually like going to the vet. That morning she was having none of it. The vet gently checked Buffy over and agreed that the wounds didn’t look infected.

She took Buffy to the back room, cut some more hair away from the wounds and opened up the puncture wound to check for infection. Buffy came back chatting away in a soft bark which she does every time she has had some trauma away from us but she seemed fine.

As a precautionary measure our veterinarian prescribed Buffy some antibiotics to take aurally. While we were pretty sure that Buffy was going to be fine, it’s always nice to have a doctor give Buffy the ok.

That evening we discovered Buffy’s talent for eating around whatever we wrapped her pill in and spitting out the pill. First I put the pill in some sausage. She ate meat than spit the pill out. She did the same thing with a cheese curd, leaving the pill on the ground, which by that point was slobbery and gross.


Finally I molded some shredded cheese completely around the pill until it was twice the size of the actually pill and Buffy happily swallowed it down and trotted away.

I love how Buffy thinks these things are games.

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