Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wrigley Gum Commercials

When I was growing up, Wrigley gum commercials had these fantastic jingles.

There was Double Mint:

and Big Red

Even thought this one didn't really make that much sense it was awesome. I mean, cinnamon isn't exactly any appealing taste when you're kissing someone.  And of course, there was Juicy Fruit!

All of these commercials associated gum with enjoying life, while being active and outside.  Now Wrigley's commercials for their new gum are well . . .

I'm not even sure what the flavor of this gum is and who really wants to skydive into a bunch of blow-dryers.  Wouldn't that be hot and really uncomfortable?  These new flavors don't make any sense to me, but hey it's not like they've abandoned their old gum.

REALLY?!? Chris Brown!?!?  I don't get it.  Is our collective memory that bad?  Have we already forgotten the pictures and descriptions of Brown physically abusing Rhianna?  Bad call Wrigley.  Let's get back to gum commercials that make sense that features twins riding bikes. 

Is that too much to ask? 

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