Friday, August 12, 2011

Buffy Gets Attacked Part 5 - The Wake-up Call

Below is part five of a six part series about a recent incident when Buffy was attacked by another dog. Buffy fortunately got through this experience without any permanent physical or mental damage. Click here for part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4.

With the feeling of relief after the attack and the veterinarian visit, Diana and I were ready to deal with Amy. I can’t speak for Diana but I was pretty angry with her. I tried to be logical about the situation but there was part of me that simply wanted to kick Molly and ream Amy out.

The thing was that none of this would help, Amy already felt awful and frankly Molly wasn’t my problem. So I tried to let this all go.

Diana e-mailed Amy about the veterinarian visit and explained the bill and gave her our address so that Amy could cover the cost as she had requested in her previous e-mail. I thought I was done thinking about Amy and Molly but I realized that was not going to happen after reading Amy’s response.
I can't thank you enough for writing me back. You were way nicer on Sunday than most people would be so please don't apologize. I've been thinking about you guys and Buffy all week and am so glad she is okay. I absolutely should and will pay for your vet bill, it will actually make me feel a lot better. A check will be in the mail. 
Sunday was a wake up call for me. When I got Molly from the shelter she was three years old. We don't know her history and what's she's been through. She's a dog who is very insecure, but she's very sweet and loving with me. That being said, Sunday was too scary and I just can't have a dog who is capable of what we saw...and you and poor Buffy experienced. Molly will be returning to the shelter where I got her from and re-homed.

Molly's come so far in her training, but Sunday was so out of the blue that it completely shook me to the core. I know Elizabeth was shaken too because I have had her in four different training classes with Elizabeth and we've never, ever seen anything close to what happened on Sunday. I don't want you guys to feel that what happened Sunday is the only reason I'm giving her up, it was just the final straw for me.

Molly needs a home with lots of space, no other animals, and no children. As difficult as this decision has been, both the shelter (they're willing to take her back and find her a more suitable home) and Elizabeth feel this is best for Molly and I. Rest assured that I've been very honest with the shelter about what happened on Sunday and Molly's other issues so they can find her the safest home for all.

Thank you again for being so understanding. Buffy is such a cute, sweet dog and she is so lucky to have such loving parents.

I was shocked and without expecting it, I started feeling heartbroken for Amy. Now she didn’t say how long she has had Molly but taking four classes must have taken at least two years, an investment of money, time and care. Giving up a dog after all of that, even with the attack on Buffy must have been enormously difficult.

I have great respect for this decision. It’s the right thing to do, but man, I wish it didn’t have to come to this. When you bring a dog into your home even for a short period and the dog leaves there seems to be an empty space in the house, which I experienced the first time I dog-sat.

What you realize though is that this space isn’t so much physical but in your heart. Even if Molly is a dangerous dog, she’s Amy’s dog and just like the mother who never believes her son on death row is guilty, you can’t stop loving a dog that you’ve brought into your life no matter what it does.

I’ve learned to embrace that fact that I can’t communicate through words with Buffy, but I want so much to be able to make Molly understand what has happened, so maybe, just maybe she could make sure this never happens again.

I’m still angry, but not so much at Amy or Molly but at the possibility that this attack isn’t so much Molly’s instincts but the result of a negligent and abusive owner that made Molly this way.

Molly, I hope you can find a home with someone who loves you as much as Amy does. Buffy didn’t deserve to be attacked by you but you didn’t deserve the hardships in your own life. I know if you really understood what you did you would feel bad and try to make it better, because deep down inside of you, as there is in every dog, there is a good dog.

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  1. When my brother was little, he was playing at a friend's house and the family's dog suddenly bit him on the mouth. Kevin had to have a few surgeries, mostly cosmetic (paid for by the family's insurance), and he never really got over his fear of dogs, but he's otherwise totally okay. The other family went through the same thing as Amy, though -- they had little kids, and even though their dog had never done anything remotely violent before, they just couldn't risk something else happening and had to give up the dog. Sad all around.