Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hello by Lionel Richie

Let's make a list of the things that are wrong with this video (we're going to go in order of appearance):

1.  Lionel, maybe if you want to get to work, why don't you just take off the jacket as opposed to rolling up the sleeves.

2.  Someone went a little overboard with the decorative indoor scarf.

3.  Really, you are going to start fantasizing about your student while she is doing a scene.  SIGH, it begins.

4. OK, now he is singing about her passing by his door, but instead he is peeking into her band rehearsal, not cool, she may be blind, but she's not stupid or is she?  

5.  What Lionel doing in the locker bay?  I can understand a teacher walking by a classroom, but what kind of teacher hangs out by the lockers.

6.  Speaking of lockers, where are they?  Is this set in a college or a high school?  I haven't been to a college with lockers like that, maybe it's a 1980s thing, but I'm really hoping that this is set in a college. 

7.  Now she starts working on a bust of what is clearly going to be Lionel, and everyone around her is seeing her work.  Doesn't anyone else find this creepy?

8.  She maybe be talented, but how does she know what he looks like.  SHE'S BLIND!  You can't get an image of someone's face from hearing their voice.

9.  Lionel tries to approach her when she is eating lunch and her friends interject.  You'd think one of them would notice a teacher walking up to a student or acknowledge the teacher as they walk in front of him.  

10.  Now he is in dance class.  Man, the only way he is getting away with this stalking is the fact that she's blind.  Maybe Lionel had bad experiences with stalking before.

11.  The phone call, um . . . did he say hello?  I mean he puts the phone down but she is listening and smiling as she hangs up.

12.  Then the big reveal of the bust . . . yeah, it's not wonderful.  Let's just be honest here.  Though her source material isn't great.

Dude, I kind of love this song, but I'm kind of, really disturbed by this video.  Lionel really should have stuck with singing songs comparing woman to buildings. 

There is NOTHING wrong with video. Everything is pure gold.

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