Monday, August 1, 2011

Worst Airport Experience Ever

Okay, so I'm going to take a break from this whole, "purple reaction as a positive reaction to music and life-experiences" and go on a rant.

Yesterday I went on the eighth air plane ride this summer and while I've had some airport craziness but nothing was mind-blowlingly and astoundingly ridiculous as my ninth flight of the summer yesterday.

One and a half minutes. That was how late Diana and I were checking in so they wouldn't let us check our bag and therefore had to get bumped to another flight. While this was annoying we simply should have got their earlier so that was our bad.

The thing is even if we had made it one and half minutes earlier we probably would had missed our flight because of bins, or the lack of bins at the security line.

In our security line they ran out of bins to put shoes and jackets and stuff. So one of the staff asked for more bins over his radio. After about five minutes and the line having completely stopped there were no bins. Now I could see a whole cart of bins about to topple over and three guards standing around on the both sides of the screening devices.

The really weird thing was that the person who requested more bins didn't seem to be concerned that the line was getting longer and that no one seemed to making ANY effort to push the cart of bins ten feet so that the line could move forward.

Well, eventually the bins came across and we made it through security. Since we had been moved to another flight we had time to get breakfast. After getting through this ridiculous ordeal of a morning I figure I deserved some McDonalds.

Lunch at 10am?!? Yup, they switched over to lunch at 10am.

Now most McDonalds (according to searches on Google) switch to lunch at 10:30. But the one at O’Hare decided to switch early. Who really wants to eat a hamburger at 10am? Check out this article for more on this issue. I couldn’t even get a McSkillet Burrito, so I had to settle for a quarter-pounder, which really felt weird that early in the morning, BECAUSE IT WASN'T BREAKFAST!

After a gate switch, boarding the plane was announced but wait a second . . . hold on there was a delay. One of the flight attendants was missing, so we waited another 10 minutes to board until he showed up.

Awesome. When we finally got on the plane, we couldn’t take off for another ten minutes because the pilot was late. Really American Airlines? We are taking off 20 minutes late because personnel couldn’t get to work on time.

Ok, so when the pilot finally got on the plane he announced that we had to wait for a “part” so we could take off. REALLY!?!? You couldn’t have taken care of this before hand or during the last two delays?

So, we finally take off, and land without any drama but then we had one final issue to deal with. Logan International Airport hadn’t received a 777 in a couple years and they were having issues getting the Jet Bridge set up. Apparently this was a “delicate” procedure. Y’know people it’s not like you didn’t know this plane was coming.

I don't any meaningful conclusion or reflection, all I know is that morning was truly miserable.  I try to be positive but even I have my limits.  Anyways we made it to Boston. 

Let's just hope the flight back goes a little bit more smoothly. 

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  1. It's not as bad as the time we were stuck at the airport for 6 hours and had lunch there...