Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Days 1 and 2: Geneva

There's something strangely familiar about Geneva. Maybe it's because it's a city on a lake, with a river winding through it. Maybe it's the Starbucks, the crepes, and the designer labels—not too far off what you find in any other European city. But I feel like I've been here before.

Geneva feels like France, but slightly off-kilter and prettier. Even the accents are a bit different. I think it's surprisingly like Chicago.

I had to snap the postcard view, and I'll probably take more pictures of it tomorrow. The sunset was very pretty tonight. The famous Geneva water spout didn't show up on my camera because it was so close in color and texture to the clouds, but I saw a rainbow on Lake Geneva as we descended in the plane.

Lots of swans glide around Lake Geneva. There were at least eight or nine preening themselves (basically, scratching their butts with their long necks). That posture wasn't befitting a swan, so here's a picture that is. Also, I like the creative way the Swiss tell you not to feed the swans.

 Kingsley invaded the postcard...
Since we're staying at the Holiday Inn tonight we wandered into two swanky hotels to people-watch. I ordered consomme at one and it was delicious. This flower arrangement is at the Four Seasons; I thought the textures were really cool. Evidently Geneva is one of the most expensive cities in Europe as far as hotels go; that's why we're going to be staying outside of the city tomorrow night.

-- Diana

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  1. Have a wonderful adventure. I am overwarm in Cordoba, Spain but ridiculously happy about it. If Madrid like Geneva feels familiar, this is very new.
    Party in Evanson on your return I am thinking. Yes?