Saturday, June 25, 2011

Days 3 and 4: Geneva, Evian, Lausanne, Thonon - Make a Mistake With Me

So right now we are in France—about a week and a half ahead of time.

At least the day started out as planned . . .

We had a great time exploring the historical side of Geneva. We checked out St. Pierre’s Cathedral, which had an amazingly cool archeological site underneath showing church runs. We also checked out the Reformation museum, which sounds lame but was really interesting. The best part of that was a small room that had music scores from the time of John Calvin and buttons you could hear to play recordings of the music.

We played one of those games of chess on huge chessboards (each square was about a foot and a half square). This Albanian guy was watching and helping Diana, making sounds whenever Diana was about to make a bad move. His English wasn’t very good, which made it all the more hilarious. Diana won, she claims because of her skill; I think it was because of the Albanian.

While Geneva is awesome it’s expensive, like a bottle of Coke is $4.50 expensive. So we stayed at a Holiday Inn outside of downtown and decided that we could find a cheaper place outside of Geneva.

I found a place that seemed awesome, at a great price. On it claimed to be 7 miles outside of Geneva. Yeah, after a confusing and then boring two-hour cab ride (good thing our cabbie spoke English) we ended up in Evian, which by the way is in FRANCE, not Switzerland.

This hotel is 3/4 price of the Holiday Inn and they have complimentary Evian water. The hotel is SO much nicer. Nothing describes it better than the view outside the windows.

Holiday Inn Express, Geneva

barbed wire?!? Let’s get a close up.

La Verniaz, Evian:

oh yeah . . .

So we are not going to head back to Geneva another day. Instead we are going to explore northern France and Lausanne, Switzerland. During the cab ride I was beating myself up for making such a big mistake. When we got to the hotel Diana assured me it wasn’t a big deal and after an amazing evening and a great dinner, I’m glad Diana made a mistake with me.

The next day we hit Lausanne, which is across Lake Geneva back in Switzerland. We found a huge Swiss toy, which totally would not meet American safety regulations:

Also, the best train stop name EVER. And yes it’s pronounced exactly how it looks.

We hit Thonon (by accident—got on the wrong boat back), which sported a great view of Lake Geneva.

And we found what looked like a Gap knock-off. I decided not to buy the shirt that said "VERY SEXY" in bright red. Might not be appropriate for school.

I think the models are trying to eat each other. (Once we got inside, we found that the owners of this story have very little command of English, although the advertisement for "Fun Price!" seemed to be accurate.)

Tomorrow we are off to Lauterbrunnen, the area that inspired Tolkien’s Elf city, Rivendale from The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy.

It better look exactly like I did in the movie, or else I’m going to have to write someone a letter.


  1. I'm missing traveling with someone to make a mistake with! Have a wonderful time getting lost. It's often the best parts of my vacations.

  2. Laf, it really is. It is all about that tension between wanting to get things done in a day but allowing yourself to relax and enjoying the places you end up that you never expected you would.