Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gilmore Girls

I'm working my finishing my grades and comments.  It's amazing what you pay attention when you are procrastinating.  There's the show my wife is currently watching:

I'm actually starting the get into this show. The only problem is that she is watching season 1 episode reuns co-currently with the DVD of season 6 at the same time!  I mean, one second Lorelei is kind of talking to Chris, then they are engaged, Rory is in and out of college, then Luke is engaged to Lorelei and then he has a random kid and the whole thing with Rory being in and out of college.  What's up with the community service thing?  Seriously I look up one second and Rory is having a coming out party and next thing I know she's the college newsppaer editor. . . so confused.

And why can't Lorelei or Rory find a guy who really understands them?  Lorelei totally better end up with Luke.  Chris was SO much better when he wasn't on the show as much.  Oh, and Jesse is SO much better for Rory than any of those Yale guys.

I totally just spoiled a lot of this show didn't I?

My bad.

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